East Cheshire Physiotherapy Service

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Elbow and wrist pain physiotherapy self help

This information is to help you learn more about elbow and wrist problems and some basic exercises which can help. It is not a replacement for professional help but may aid information or advice given to you by a medical professionals. If you are accessing this site for self help information in the absence of professional advice, please be aware that the advice and/or exercises may not be suitable for you. If you have any concerns or in the event of any problems, please seek professional advice.

The self-help videos have been developed by the Physiotherapy Service in line with evidence based practice at the time of making. It is important to watch the video and read the advice regarding the exercises prior to doing them to identify if it is appropriate for your symptoms / condition.

The following exercises can help with elbow and wrist pain. You should gradually increase these exercises from once to 3 times a day as ability and comfort allows.  If you experience any problems with the exercises please stop and consult your GP or physiotherapist.

Tennis Elbow 

Wrist isometric and eccentric loading

These exercises can help strengthen the muscles in your forearm that, if weak, can cause on-going pain in the outside of your elbow. 

Forearm flexor and extensor stretch

These muscles can help stretch the muscles in your forearm. Complete up to 3 sets in one session.


Useful information 

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